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Smoking Hot Wedding Anniversary Themes

Wedding is celebrated by everyone but wedding anniversary is not really enjoyed by everyone and there are people who don’t get the chance to celebrate their wedding so if you are one kind from these two kinds of couples it is your best chance to get track of your wedding date and make your anniversary a grand day. There are several wedding anniversary themes available but making it special is in your hands by sticking to your choice of theme and then working it out in your best interest but make sure that you do it differently this time and don’t go for the same theme you practiced at your wedding day.

wedding anniversary themes

Wedding anniversary themes could be same like wedding themes like a rustic wedding, country wedding, beach wedding, purple wedding, music wedding or any other kind of wedding theme but the difference in your wedding day and wedding anniversary is that you are experienced to celebrate anniversary and don’t repeat the mistakes you did at your wedding whereas you can practice all those missing parts you dint get to experience at your wedding day.

wedding anniversary themes 1

The story board is an important thing to add in your themed wedding anniversary as that will show your memories and journey so far with your partner where you can add in all the happy moments to make your love even stronger through getting into the memory lane. The trick of making a wedding anniversary amazing is in bringing the past back so if this is your 25th anniversary or 50th anniversary just stick to the era when you got married like if 80s is your time of wedding keep 80s theme and bring in all the fashion and charm of that era this will help you and your partner to live the old and fresh love again.

wedding anniversary themes 2

Wedding anniversary could be personalized so if it is your 25th wedding anniversary use 25 as the main symbol to decorate everything i.e. you can get it printed on the napkins, tableware while you can also use this number in favors and provide your guests with 25 bottle opener etc. The decorations of your anniversary should be done by putting your pictures all over. This is a wedding anniversary so taking it casual and making it memorable and fun is the most important thing which is kind of challenging because organizing things become difficult but I know you can do this.

wedding anniversary themes 3

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