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Smart Wedding Dresses Storage Ideas

Are you worried about storing your wedding dress to save it from getting yellow or torn? If you want to save your wedding dress for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter, or just want to save it for yourself, and memories it has with it, then you definitely need some ideas to do so. There are many ways to preserve your wedding dress as it is or with a changing in its original form. Here are some wedding dresses storage ideas to preserve your wedding gown.

Wedding dresses storage ideas vary according to the type of the dress you had on your wedding. If you had some dress other than the traditional wedding gown then you might not need to save it for any plan. If you had a skirt at your wedding, then you can wear it at cocktail parties, or some formal parties, later on. However, if you had a ball-gown, then you can certainly wear it at balls. For the types of dresses above mentioned may be just re-colouring the dress and wearing it again will be the best idea. Hanging them in the closet forever is definitely nothing sensible to do. You can also hang them in your room or hallway in a see-through wrap for you, and others to see as decoration.

If you had a traditional wedding gown then you might need to take some extra care while storing it. These gowns often possess delicate fabrics, and sensitive beading, or lace work. Some wedding dresses storage ideas here might be helpful for you. Search for a wedding dress cleaner in your area that is reliable. Ask the women who are already married and got their dresses stored professionally. It is better to get a professional to do the job, rather than experimenting on your wedding gown. If you have to keep it safe until you find a cleaner, then you must wrap it in acid-free tissues, and store it in acid-free carton to avoid the yellowing of fabric. Stuff the tissues between every fold to save it from getting wrinkles. You will have to send it to cleaner as soon as possible to stop the stains on it from getting permanent. Always check the record of accomplishment of the cleaner because you certainly do not want to ruin your wedding outfit.

By following these tips, you can save your beautiful and valuable dress for your daughter or granddaughter or just for you to feel good about it. After all, it is the most important dress of your life, and you will love to show that to your future generation after some 20 years, or more. Some memories are just priceless.

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