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Smart plan for DIY romantic wedding

DIY wedding Total cost $ 10248

clip_image001 The wedding is held in bridegroom’s parents’ house which can save a lot of money.

Wedding information: bride:Lowina Korn,29,designer bridegroom:Philsy Blackman,30,media editor wedding time:OCT 10, 2010 Guests:38


Philsy and Lowina’ wedding is planed “Rock style”, they decide pack up the sweet of wedding and have their honeymoon in the next year.

How to make a budget: Philsy and Lowina firstly planed “rock style” and black and purple are the main color of the wedding. The preparation time is 14 months. In fact, a good plan and cycle operation can save much unnecessary cost. So the new couple combines the budget with cycle and carries out the plan every month. They achieve the goal easily. However, they say frankly that their budget is not enough to afford the honeymoon this year for the perfect wedding. They decide put off it in the next year.


The beautiful flower is a gift from a friend of flower artist

Who will pay for the wedding: Philsy and Lowina’s wedding go dutch which they have decided. That is also the life style they like. But Philsy’s parents also give him financial support.

clip_image004 The special ornament on wedding cake is also a gift from friend

How to allot the budget: Having a detailed bill is very important at the same time making a budget. That can keep the balance of incomes and expenses and also condition the unexpected false. Sometimes it can ensure the money expenses on essential part of wedding. Besides, the new couple can see the achievement every day. At last, Lowina suggests that we had better use cash and debit card to pay the wedding cost to prevent the wedding from overspend.


A card made of chocolate, a stone catch two birds

A proper cost and save plan: As a designer, Lowina designed her own wedding dress and gown of maid of honor, which help her save money. And most of Lowina’s friends are in Hong Kong, so the guests are not so many that she can have a little party of 38 guests. For this reason, the new couple can have more budgets on wedding photos… certainly they also have a chance to have a party in Hong Kong.

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