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Smart budget for romantic destination wedding

Romantic destination wedding

Total cost ¥ 785784


Wedding informationbridegroom:Gao nan,director bride:Li xinyun,Wedding Planner wedding date:2012-4-18


How to develop the budget:

The bride is a wedding planner, loving traveling, collection and creativity. And the groom is a director who loves food, movies and supermarket. The bride love to travel best and the groom also because of her and fell in love with traveling. From Europe to islands, finally when they dream a beach wedding, the bride never hesitates to prefer the Bali. So, the whole wedding budget basically base on traveling, and slowly finished by investigation.


Who will pay for the wedding?

The cost is paid by the new couple and their parents.


How to allocate budget:

The whole budget makes the bridegroom bride's dream to come true because there are a lot of friends’ supports. And in the wedding, the cost of travel occupied main part. But the bride thinks the hardest place actually is creative. At last the wedding chooses the groom favorite Kelly as main color plus white and light grey. The bride choose the small plane design to represent "travel", the SLOGAN as "Fly Away with Us!" they send save the date card into a paper airplane to guests hand.


a proper plan for spending :

Travel occupied most of the budget, but it is also a journey's cost which the wedding can't avoid. Wedding includes the western ceremony by sunset lawn and the moonlight beach seafood BBQ dinner two parts. All of the field and food costs can’t be saved, but perfect seascape, fascinating sunset, the eternal life unforgettable scenery is completely free!

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