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Six modern decoration points to light up your wedding

Wedding is an important thing for one's life. The wedding is just a day, but the marriage is a lifetime. How to hold a remarkable wedding which make ourselves satisfied and unforgettable? So let us to study some new ideas to decorate a wedding. Everyone is imitating other’ ideas for decorate a wedding. However, we always feel something wrong which we just lose something just belongs to our own. These points below can help you find a way out.


1 Abandon the traditional wedding’s boring color, add bright colors instead.

Red is coming back, Tiffany blue, lilac and celadon are also good choices. You can also mix the colors to make a vintage effect. Want a happy atmosphere? Why not add some light purple and orange? Love a hot and sexy party? Wine red and chocolate color can satisfy all your requests.


2 a never stop party

Traditional hotels always limit the party time and you cannot enjoy yourself to the full. Now this pity is being wiped out. Hold your wedding in a private place, don’t mind the time limit. The party time is not a problem anymore. Find an ancient private house, a museum, a big garden even a light tower. Just depending on your creative mind, any place can be decorated to be a vintage wedding place. Try to image that you can watch the sunrise, receive bless of friends and relatives with your lover and a cup of champagne in your hand. All of that can push your wedding to a new climax.


3 Do not only stick to the big starred hotels

Fresh air, environment welcome countryside is a better choice. You can’t stop to decorate your wedding to become an England style. Choose an open house, even it is storage. The essential thing is inner decoration. The sweet smelling bouquets; crystal clear goblet, superior quality china, light color table clothes napkins and cushions… all of that can’t be more attractive than the vulgar hall of starred hotel.


4 Little decorations to light up your white wedding.

Some little decorations can completely change the boring feelings brought by white color. You can inlay beads to your white table clothes. The shining ornaments can reflect the light in the house. You can also make a dreamlike atmosphere by the candles on the table. Bohemian style is not only on your cloth but also be creative used on wedding ornaments. The silk and cotton match with beads, tassels and lines can make the wedding more wonderful.


5 do not limit your wedding in a hall

Traditional wedding usually is held in one solid place. Guests can taste all the delicious food there. If you could enlarge the ground, for example in a garden, so the drinks could be offer around the lake, the waiter can cater savories to every guest. If the guests want to taste Asian food, they can go to the garden to have some dumplings and sushi. If they go to the balcony, they can enjoy curds. At last guests can find champagne in a comfortable tent.


6 say goodbye to white flat tent.

In this year the Multi-function tents have become the most popular stuff of wedding. The roof can be open to have the guests see the night sky. You can never see the cold metal pillars; they were hidden under the superior quality clads. The clads are usually with waving decorative patterns to make a romantic and warm feelings. Certainly you can choose the unique color and style only belongs to you.

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