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Simple yet Dramatic Old Hollywood Wedding Theme

Do you often dream of walking on the red carpet in a glamorous style?  

You can make your dream come true by staging an old Hollywood wedding themes and replicate the smoky, bluesy era of late 40’s and 50’s on your special day. You can lay down a red carpet in from the start of the reception venue till the reception table and can walk on it feeling like a star. Here is what you can do to make your old Hollywood wedding theme all the more alluring. Attire for Bride and Groom The groom can dress up in stylish zoot suit and carry a hat over his head. Wherein, the bride can beautifully dress up in an antique gown which is designed using lace. The bridesmaid can have dresses as prom dresses. Venue for the Weddding The best venue for staging an old Hollywood wedding theme is a place like country club. You can decorate it in and out using tons of flowers, old black and white photographs of your family, and candy bars. Colours for the Wedding The old era’s were dominated by a splash of black and white everywhere so do not need to think hard on the colour that you will use in abundance on your old Hollywood wedding theme. You can creatively use the mix and match of black and white on everything from dresses, to decor and finally to favour for your guests.

Decoration at the Wedding The beauty of old Hollywood themes lie in its simplicity. You need to showcase the same simplicity with a lot of dramatic touch to it. Displaying the decor which shifts everyone at the old era at old Hollywood wedding theme venue is not an easy task. Though the decor appears to be simple, yet it is risky to undertake. You can take the risk and be successful by either doing a thorough research on the 40’s decoration or by consulting a wedding planner who can guide you on how to make the country club look like a palace of 40’s. Favours for Guests Thinking of old Hollywood time of 40’s and 50’s the first thing that comes in mind to be given as gift is Martini glasses. You can pick the best Martini glasses for your friends and guests. If you want to add something to it, than you can pick up the bottles of champagne. You can spice up the old Hollywood wedding theme by hiring piano players and burlesque dancers for entertainment. Be simple yet dramatic is the crux of old Hollywood themes.

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