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Silver Wedding Theme- Makes You Shine in the Dark

Silver is the color for diamonds and platinum and of course silver itself. These all are the names of most precious stones around the world, and these stones have the quality to stand out, shine bright and attract all the eyes around you. Silver has the spiritual power of attraction as it depicts flexibility, openness, dignity, romance and love. Silver wedding theme could make your wedding as elegant as possible with its color power. There are number of things which you can only incorporate in your wedding through silver color, let us just open up our minds and talk about the amazing things we can include in silver wedding theme.

silver wedding theme

Silver gives you an opportunity to add black in your wedding, silver merging with black could give out the grayish combination, if you want your wedding to stand out in the clusters of wedding silver can do this. In the bridal dress for your wedding you can either simply use a shiny, glittery, silver color with gems in it, gems would shine brightly in the lights. You can either mix a black color in your wedding dress, but with the silver shades in it, it is going to shine bright eliminating the real effect of black, you can call it a matt black with luster in it, there are various shades in between silver and black which you can use with the essence of silver in it.

silver wedding theme 1

If you take care of lighting and manage it according to the color of dress you are wearing, you could have a blast, for a glittery silver color use white lights which could brightens your dress up, you can either use duller lights for other shades, just try to synchronize the colors with each other. Don’t forget to give your wedding a diamond like look by using shiny stones in the dresses, table clothes, chairs, interiors, tableware instead use silverware at the place of table ware.

silver wedding theme 2

Your wedding cake should also be in accordance with the colors used at your reception and in the dresses, make sure you add all colors in your cake; you can also decorate your cake with pearls in it, or giving it a diamond like look. Use red flowers instead or bright colored flowers because silver stands out in front of bright colors, or you can also make your flower girls carry different colored flowers. Silver wedding theme can do wonders for you if you know how to play with colors, so be ready to play and play good to make your wedding as amazing and majestic as it could be, time to play!

silver wedding theme 3

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