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Silver Bride Dress Up With Shiny Makeup

As we all know that wedding ceremony is the most memorable event for everyone. We all have so much fun and enjoy this event with full of happiness and cheerfulness. You see a lot of laughter, music, enjoyment and excitement in the whole event. There are so many colors all around. Splendid decorations enhance your occasion. People spend all of their savings in preparation of different expenses of marriage. But bridal dress is the most important issue for every bride. She wants her dress different, stylish, trendy and up-to-date. In fact new fashion and colors has been created for bridal dresses. Silver bride dress up is now introduced by some creative designers for today’s brides.

Silver color always shines like a star. A bride who follows silver bride dress up can glow on her wedding with a spark. You need to look sexy, attractive and sweet in your wedding dress. You can combine silver color with many other unique colors for example you can complement silver silky gown with ink blue embroidery or may put some embellishments like ribbon flower, waist belt in velvet or royal stones. Black net on lower falls looks amazing. You can wear black elegant jewelry with this type of dress. Purple long maxi covered with silver front open gown also looks elegant and smart.

On wedding dress you can use appealing laces and extensions to make it perfect. Backless gowns really look hot and stunning. You can also wear strapless dress for your wedding. If you are bulky or chunky then try wear fall over or long dresses with puffed shaped gown. It hides your waist line and you look slim or slender. Avoid sleeveless dresses or any bow style outfit if you are healthy. For skinny girls it is good to carry fitted or fish styled skirts. It easily enhances your curves and smartness and beautified you. In fact perfect figured girls can pick any style or outfit because everything suits on them perfectly.

The other main important factor in silver bride dress up is your jewelry. Try to select elegant and graceful earrings and necklace. Make sure that never cover your neck with too much accessories. Nowadays, high neck embroidered dresses are in so you can omit a necklace or wear any long or bold earrings. If your dress is strapless then you can select silver pendant or diamond jewelry to match it up with your silver dress. Now move on to your hairstyle. You can put silver beads to harmonize your hair with the dress or you may put silver hair-band for innocent look. For footwear always prefer high heels with gowns. In the last your shimmering make-up or glowing cheeks complete your look.

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