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Shine Up Your Wedding Day With The Classical Vintage Wedding Themes

When we think about weddings, all we get in our minds is the traditional modern era theme of black and white with some colors. Well the time is changing now with numerous amount of theme being made to make our weddings classy in a modern way. Now is the perfect time for us to say goodbye to the boring, simple weddings and freshen up our special days with the touch of elegance.

Now you can experiment with numerous things to make your special day beautiful. For this reason you can try the beautiful and classical vintage wedding themes. The vintage theme can be used in plenty of different ways, you can try the vintage classical theme in a natural manner i.e. blend the beauty of nature with the ancient style of vintage theme. And you can also use plenty of pastel colors like green, peach, baby pink, off white, orange, beige, brown, white and golden with the theme.

Since with this theme you got plenty of choices to play with, therefore you can experiment with your creativity to play with the choices and create a ravishing yet sweet wedding theme of your choice. You can try numerous ideas like you can use the alluring beige and a baby pink combination with the base of gold in a way that makes the entire theme classically vintage.

For vintage themed wedding ideas you need to have a touch of history with your wedding theme because after all “Old is Gold”. So you need to make the most mesmerizing day of your life as beautiful as the Gold, and everyone loves gold. And for this purpose only ideas relating to vintage wedding themescan help you.

Imagine the beautiful antique chandelier hanging in the middle of the venue, shining up the entire place beautifully. The vintage décor hanging on the ceiling,and the antique lights giving the gold touch. The flowers on the occasion need to compliment the place; therefore you can try the beige and baby pink colored flowers with the theme. The table cloths can be of elegant off-white color with the table linen of beige color, and the chair must be of antique style. The table centerpieces need to be of antique style, to give your wedding the touch of history and excellence.

The bride and groom can go with the traditional style but in a classical manner. The bride can wear the classical long beautiful white gown with gold antique jewelry and with a pink and white flower bouquet.

Where's the groom can wear a gray or black tuxedo or dress with waistcoat, whatever you like with a white, off-white or beige shirt inside. The bridesmaids can wear any color of your choice to compliment the theme. They can go with the peach or pink dress and a white and beige colored flower bouquet. And the groomsmen can try suspender dress, matching the theme for a modern classy vintage look.

Now, rush on and make your special wedding day beautifully with the vintage  wedding themes and use your creativity. You can also use many other ideas for classic wedding themes along with the vintage theme.

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