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Serve and Enjoy Lots of Chocolates at Chocolate Wedding Theme

Are you a choc-o-holic? If yes, then congratulations as you can incorporate the chocolates into your big day celebrations and therefore, you can have a chocolate wedding theme. These wedding theme ideas just sounds fabulous to anyone who hears about it. Here are some suggestions to stage a successful chocolate wedding theme:

  1. Choose the Shades of Brown for Decoration, Favour, Attire and Food The reason we suggest you to go with brown colour is obvious as this is the colour that a chocolate has. Though, you can also choose white to team up with brown as white chocolate are also favoured by people. Dress of bride can be in chocolate brown colour with some accents of white on it.
  2. Wedding Invitations Either use brown colour to design the invitation card or simply add a brown bow to the top of wedding card which is designed in any other colour. Along with the wedding invitation card, you can send the real chocolates to guests.  The real chocolate will serve as a clue to all about the chocolate wedding theme.
  3. Name of Table Get each table for guests named after a flavour of chocolate such as Cadbury table and Thornton table, and put that chocolate flavour on the table for guests to have it and enjoy.
  4. Cake and Chocolate Fountain You certainly got to have a chocolate wedding cake at your  chocolate wedding theme. Additionally, you can have a chocolate fountain too at the venue. If you want to have more of chocolates at the menu then have chocolate martini, chocolate desserts, cupcakes and also bowls of chocolates for guests. Make sure that you know about the weather conditions very well before going ahead and adding real chocolates to the menu list. Real chocolates are not suitable at summer season. In place of real chocolate, you can consider lots of chocolate filling in the desserts and other food items. Keep the things moderate, eating a chocolate which is too rich can even upset the stomach. A good idea is to taste the chocolate and know its ingredients before it is served on the actual celebrations day.
  5. Chocolate Favours While you stage a chocolate wedding theme, you do not have to think much about the favours. There are plenty of options that go well with theme, the real chocolate box being one of them. A chocolate bar to each person or a bag of chocolate raisins per person can be considered too.

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