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Sensuously Stimulating Romantic Wedding Theme

Romance is the base of every long lasting and great relationship while this feeling holds relationships together and helps successful relationships to be successful then how can you skip on this stimulating sentiment in any wedding theme. Romance is there in every wedding where in few weddings it occupies you and in few the romantic essence is not that much to consume the guests and make them fall in love but trust me the most amazing and mesmerizing wedding is only that which occupies others and make them fall in love with its strength where romantic wedding theme is at the top of the list for such weddings.

romantic wedding theme

There are various fall wedding themes which are known as romantic wedding themes but I will suggest you to incorporate few wedding ideas into your romantic wedding theme from an autumn themed fall wedding because the rusty golden color and autumn leaves are one of the most romantic things to feel. In your romantic wedding theme you can put autumn branches into a beautiful vase accompanied by small white flowers at the tip of each branch to give branches a pretty finishing but make sure to illuminate the tables where you are going to put these vases as centerpieces.

romantic wedding theme 1

Vanilla candles are an amazing thing to add in a romantic wedding whereas skipping them will be a bad luck so incorporate candles in your wedding instead you can arrange candle light dinner for your guests to give more sensuality to your wedding .Make sure to add in more lights so that it doesn’t go too dark and also spray red rose fragrance to kill the smell of candle wax because it is not liked by few people. First impression is the last impression so make the entrance of your wedding reception romantic by making hearts with flowers that lead your guests to the reception area.

romantic wedding theme 2

Coming to your wedding dress now I wonder if you like to wear white colored dress or red can do better because red is the color of romance and you just can’t skip it so why not wear a white colored dress carried by the traditional veil. Well if you are not a veil bride you can skip it with red colored beautifully designed net made by a lace like fabric whereas your white dress can have a red belt over the waste or you can get red inner linings in longitudinal direction to give your dress that classical and elegant look of wedding and obviously your groom cannot skip to wear a lovely red tie.

romantic wedding theme 3

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