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Sensual and Romantic Wedding Theme Song

Music enhances the feelings of a person while music is used to convey deeply emotional messages to the other person whereas the messages could be of love, hate, restlessness, passion, encouragement and so on but at wedding the message is for your love and the message is of romance, adoration, vows and all lovely feelings so here I have got few suggestions for wedding theme song . The wedding songs should go in accordance with your theme but it should also go in accordance with the mood, feelings and activities of your wedding while this tells us that it is a very difficult job to select a song list for the wedding as it carries the bottom essence of your future life and relationship.

wedding theme song

There are various wedding theme songs available in the market which you can go and buy but the trick of selecting the song is lyrics you will have to select the one which goes best with your personal emotions for the other partner or you can even make a melody and mix many songs in it by cropping few parts and adding few parts which you like.

wedding theme song 1

 In your wedding you cannot play only one wedding theme song  and bore your guests out of the wedding so it is better to select different song for different moments like one for the ring ceremony other for the vows some other song for the dinner time and the time of giving away favors etc. There is one common mistake everyone does but I am going to save you from it and that mistake is playing slow songs which makes your guests sleep and get them bored so select on songs which have a fast pace and music but still carries romance and adoration in it giving your wedding a feel of perfect passionate love.

wedding theme song 2

There are lists of songs available the best out of them are a love so beautiful, a moment like this, all the way, all out of love, save the last dance for me, tell me what you see, waiting on an angel, walking on a dream, never let you go, and the list goes on but the extra edge comes in when you compose your very own song for your love while this could be a difficult job but you can always take help from your friends and make this happen to leave a mark on your life a very great mark that everyone just talks about you and your love what could be possibly greater than this?

wedding theme song 3

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