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Sensational and Bubbly Orange Wedding Theme

Orange is a color that can be used in spring, fall, summers or even Mexican weddings where you want to go crazy, loud and funky all the way. The orange wedding theme is bold and flashy and this single color brings in all the life in your wedding whereas orange theme looks more relevant to outdoor garden or beach weddings other than indoor weddings. Orange is also the color of autumn but it refers to the beautiful and elegant side of autumn than the dryness of it so if you want live it up to the extreme make your orange wedding the perfect blast for everyone.

Orange Wedding Theme

In your orange wedding theme you start by selecting the venue whatever venue you select the second step is looking out for the invitation cards and in cards you can print the beautiful autumn leave which is falling and send the message of falling in love. This way you will be telling your story line for wedding to your guests and they will want to accompany you in your big day.

Orange Wedding Theme 1

The décor of your reception can have orange roses accompanied with silver coverings to hold the flowers together and you can make the sitting arrangement cozy and funky at a time by putting couches in the area of your reception and covering the couches with white color while you can place cushions on it of orange and silver colors. The orange wedding brides is free to wear orange or white color but if you want to rise above the crowd wear a silver colored gown accompanied with orange pair of sandals and make your groom wear a silver colored suit with orange tie and you both will have to carry orange colored flowers.

Orange Wedding Theme 2

You are wearing a silver colored dress so your flower girls will have to wear orange colored dresses whereas they can either wear exactly the same orange or can use different shades of orange to bring in variety of colors. At the time of ring ceremony shower orange flowers over the couple this will bring in the juiciness and funkiness of orange leaving the couple happy and excited about their wedding. The cake of your wedding could be of complete orange color or you can make it fascinating through putting alternate layers of orange and silver and with the orange taste all around your wedding chocolate cake will excite your guests and will give even better taste because orange with chocolate is one of the rare combinations and this innocent dodge is going to rise excitement around your wedding. You can give finishing to this funky theme by arranging a cozy orange colored car for bride and groom to run away to start their new life with enthusiasm, fun and sparkle.

Orange Wedding Theme 3

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