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Scruffy Spring Wedding Themes and Ideas

Imagine a beautiful environment full of lovely flowers with your life partner and you are going to be married. If you believe on love and romance with your life partner from the first day of relation you are suggested to apply spring wedding themes. This season already creates love feeling for each other therefore spring is said to be ideal for the marriage celebration.  Think how you will feel when you and groom are on a stage surrounded by flowers. The beauty of flowers and great fragrance hypnotizes you and you feel that you are not on the earth.  You have unlimited ideas for spring wedding themes and you can plan a new theme too for your wedding event.

spring wedding themes

Spring is the season when new flowers sprout and the bird return to their home, this scene mesmerizes you and you want to arrange the most important celebration of your life in this beautiful season.  You can plan your wedding theme by the addition of these two main features of spring and can make your event unforgettable. To highlight the spring in the party place a big flower branch at the reception or the entrance. A simple idea to promote spring in your marriage is that select a flower branch and embellish around it. Use buds on the top of the cake and a flower in the center and place it on a table having all spring affects.

spring wedding themes 1

The use of flowers in a celebration always gives a dreamy touch and spring is the season when you found all kinds of flowers so you have variety for the setting of your party. Pick vibrant color flowers and make combination of them such as the red and blue, white and black etc and place at different places in the venue with long size vase. For the bridal dress, flower may also be used in many ways like paste red roses on the lower side on the white gown and it will give the princess look to the bride. A crown made up of red roses is a good addition for the spring theme but do not use big size flowers in it, small sized roses are best suitable.

spring wedding themes 2

Bluebirds in a cage is a really good idea for spring wedding themes so if you can not arrange the real birds does not matter there are many decoration pieces which have artificial birds in the cage. Get the quaint environment by adding artificial birds in the event. If you can arrange a real bird, put into a large cage and hang in the center of the venue. Before hanging adorn the cage with lots of beautiful flowers. Floral setting for groom enhances the spring theme; put a flower in the pocket of the jacket. Similarly, when the bride and groom will come on the stage there would be rain of petals of flowers. In this way spring wedding themes make your marriage full of excitement and romance.

spring wedding themes 3

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