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Say Thanks To Your Guests by Beach Themed Wedding Favors

Suppose, you have selected beach theme for your wedding and now you are thinking for beach themed wedding favors . You can choose such a favor that may give happiness to the guests and they will keep your wedding in their memory.  Little bags with chocolates and candies are the old wedding favors; you have to add a new favor in your marriage. A great idea is that arrange photo frames according to the number of guests. Hire a photographer and say him to take picture of each guest with the bridal couple keep the photo in photo frame. Put every frame in a box and paste beach scenery on it also mention the name of the guest on it.

beach themed wedding favors

When you will give it to the participants of the event they will really like it and will be thankful to you to make these moments memorable for them. A wedding favor is the simple way to say thanks to the guests who have come here to increase your happiness. It is a great day of your life therefore you must be thankful to all those who attended your party and the favors are the best method to show your warm wishes towards them. Other gifts that you may select as wedding favor are shells or starfish shaped cookies in the small boxes etc. Decorate these boxes with little buds and the leaves on the top portion.

beach themed wedding favors 1

Make the list of the names of your participants and take wishes cards, write each name on these cards with glitter and paste this card on the boxes then present to all guests and they will be very happy by your wedding favor idea that is unique and attractive. A showpiece of the star shape is also a good wedding favor and you can give it as a gift to all participants of the event. If you suggest the thing which is of the daily use definitely they will be happier to receive because they will use easily your gift in daily life. Wine bottle toppers for the home bar are ideal as a wedding favor because this is widely used almost in every home.

beach themed wedding favors 2

Different beach themed wedding favors may be suggested according to the choice of guests but it is difficult to know the choice of every person. In this way a best recommendation is that select any item for wedding favors which have particular use. Take hollow shells fill with sand of beach then place a candle in it. Prepare many such shells according to the number of guests and in the end of the party present a shell to every one to take home. Put each shell in the transparent shopping bag and tie with multicolor ribbons. Your guests will feel pleasure when they will keep this decoration piece in their home.

beach themed wedding favors 3

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