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All about your spring wedding theme is complete but one major part; favors. These small gifts to each of your guests are the best way you can show your appreciation for their attendance. It goes without saying that friends and relatives are integral to your wedding day. In fact they are doing you a favor by being there for you during your most special day so a little thank you is definitely in order. Spring is the season when the earth comes back to life after the winter period.  For this reason, potted plants and herbs are an excellent idea for spring wedding theme favors. Seeds for flowers, vegetables and fruits are related to this theme. The trick is to have a burlap bag with draw strings or button holes to hold them. Birds and butterflies are always a sight to behold; therefore several bird cages and butterfly inspired items are to be considered as favors for spring wedding theme. Butterfly key holders, bottle stoppers, and book marks are some examples. This beautiful insect can also be engraved on wine glasses and mark your initials on the wings. With respect to birds, look for tea candles in that shape. White ones are more common but you can customize yours. With the flowers blooming, there is bound to be sweet, flowery scents at your wedding, you can extend the smell to your favors by purchasing mild-flower scented perfume for the ladies. I am sure they will love this.  There are different designs to the fragrance bottle and their caps so search widely for those that are unique to the spring theme. Favor boxes some of the traditional wedding gifts. The nice part is that they are easy to modify to fit a spring wedding theme; simply add a few cherry blossoms motifs on the boxes. Think outside the box with what to display on the favor boxes. Apart from the usual wine glasses and Champaign flute favors, knives and spoons are simple and meaningful kitchen ware that you can give to your guest.  Plain ones would be no different than the ones they have at their homes so make the ones you give them special by adding leaf, cork or butterfly handles.  Cherry blossom chop sticks are classy and simple. Make your guest remember you’re wedding by etching your names or wedding date. Have a professional do this one for you.

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