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Sandy and Musky Beach Themed Wedding Cakes

As you know that beach theme is one of the most desired wedding themes because people love to go out on beach and some of them also feel it romantic but when arrangements time come in you can go mad because of loads and loads of ideas and things present altogether in market. This confusion can lead you to stress so the best idea is to divide things up and then decide on them one by one so one of the category for wedding arrangements is selecting on cake and I am going to guide your way out of it by giving you few ideas about the beach themed wedding cakes and telling you the secret trick to make your cake look even more fantasizing.

beach themed wedding cakes

In the beach themed wedding cakes blue and sand color looks like it’s mandatory because in almost all the cakes this color is used so I won’t suggest you to take your way out of it stick to the same colors by bringing diversity in them. In a day time beach wedding use light colors while if your wedding is a passionate and elegant night time wedding go for dark blue deep sea color.

beach themed wedding cakes 1

The most elegant and classic wedding cake I have come up with is a deep sea blue colored cake the dark one while this cake has simple two layers of flawless circular diameter while each layer is larger in height and for the decoration it has got the impressions of splashing water. This cake gives the perfect image of passion, elegance and brilliancy and I must say that it has got the simplest design but this cake is the most powerful to place because the design is nothing but captivating, passionate and elegant and it is no doubt the best option for the beach weddings arranged at night.

beach themed wedding cakes 2

As I already told you that blues are used a lot in the beach wedding cakes and the common combination is blue and white so it is important to make your cake look different and beautiful and you can do this by adding third color in designing and that color could be purple or pink. These colors could be added in designing by using them in shape of flowers or sea plants etc. the simple trick is keeping your cake different by experimenting new things rather than sticking to the old boring blue and white or sand colored cakes you just have to make sure that your cake smells like something really delightful, sandy and musky just like beaches itself.

beach themed wedding cakes 3

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