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Romantic honeymoon in white winter

wThe cold wind, sweeps the branch leaves, a moderate size of sleet take Beijing into the winter. Let a person think of the moment in the precious jade world fly skiing activities. In fact more of a ski trip not only confined to the sport itself. Human history, beauty, food, different region amorous feelings of course also is we pursue goal.

clip_image001 clip_image002 Remember many years ago, a man had announced recently don't look for me, I go skiing in Switzerland! It was a joke? Slide a snow have to go to Switzerland. Gradually learned to ski really should go to Switzerland! Go to Switzerland? Don't tease! Switzerland have any place can't ski? The territory covers an area of 41290 square kilometers of the country, which equals the two and a half size of Beijing, but there are more than 200 large-scale ski resort where it is difficult to don't meet ski... Most of the ski resort is open at December to the coming year after Easter. Swiss advantageous to occupy the center area of the Alps, make a lot of ski resorts are neighbors at an altitude of 370 meters above the average ski resorts, there are a lot of quality of snow, the source and artificial snowmaking machine to play out, but completely different feeling! Let alone the whole Europe's longest ski slope, many ski slope distance for 16 kilometers 2000 height meters plan on it, it is the feeling of flying! Don't have to worry about you will climb to the top step by step, there are 13 rack railway, fifty a mountain lift and article 600 cableway wait you! Of course, the more attractive, and Swiss special winter traditional festival celebration, authentic Swiss traditional food hiding in the mountains like xianju general cabin, clouds billow of hot springs, such as the fairy toilet glass of lake... These are Switzerland has been the cause of a ski paradise reputation. clip_image003 This is a belongs to the brave and frontier nation, when the snow covered the whole Ontario hunts area card, no more than Deer resort is worth you to travel place. In the north of Toronto from only two hours away, covers an area of 800 acres of winter sports hot holiday resort, in addition to regular skiing activities outside, you also can drive snowmobile or "hummer" in the snow, or to gallop on "dog sled trip", 16 kilometers per hour speed through the snowfield, renew the frontier feeling... Family and don't get up? Don't think Canada is only for solid service! You can think of the most warm? Warm yellow light, let outside with snow, the family was in the house drinking hot chocolate, in the far from the madding crowd coast and family bubble hot spring? British Columbia prepared you for all this. Card slave bridge Canyon ever day will be in winter season lit 250000 light, a family in the silver of ice and snow world, stepping light, walk 70 meters high air suspension bridge, walk into the woods, as all the world too. It is particularly worth a try is absolutely ridge trail, long 213 meters (700 feet) of breathtaking trails, through the light in the unique ridge cliff overlooking canyon, you can make up the child's hand! Oh, and skiing! We are here to ski! In with the world best ski resort of British Columbia, the completely don't need to worry about, so many top ski resort to explore look forward to hearing from you. Whistler is one of the world's most famous ski resort, one of the ten meters of snow per year, some of the best skiing publication it known as "North America best ski resort". clip_image004     clip_image005

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