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Rolling On the Streets with Street Style Clothing

Street style is basically considered to have originated not from studios, but from the grassroots. It is a fashion that is basically personal to the person who follows it. Street style clothing is generally associated with youth culture, and is most often seen in major urban areas. This kind of clothing is a means of getting noticed in a unique manner, hitting biggest trends of the season, without getting too loud.

There are various types of street style clothing adopted primarily, by youth of this era which includes for example; punk trend which includes torn clothing, unique hairstyle, T-shirt tag lines. Then there are these skin heads which includes, skin tight jeans, button up shirt, boots. Hip-hop trend is all about baggy jeans. Then greaser includes cowboy boots, Levis jeans, shades, leather jacket and hair spray. Preppy fashion is about boat shoes, Oxford cloth shirts.
Gothic trend includes black clothing, big boots and heavy clothes. Rasta is basically African clothing. Hippies carry long hair, flared trousers, denim, T-shirts.

Now a days, not just women but men are also going towards adopting street style clothing and wearing bright colors. Now those days are gone when bright yellow, green or red were considered only for females. Men are expanding their fashion scope to new horizons by coming out from the usual blues, blacks and dark colours like that. No wonder, men are definitely getting more enthusiastic, adventurous and daring when it comes to street fashion and playing more with colors now. Well, this trend didn't start off abruptly, actually it started with bright orange, yellow or red shoes sported by many sports stars, then moved on to T-shirts and shirts of various colors.

There are various ways to master in street style. First of all, people should define their personal style and if the style should be more glamorous, preppy or eccentric one. Then a good look should be taken on the closet depending on the mood. The idea of mixing up colours is always good. It’s important to choose the style accordingly. The style should be unique and different and should go with one's personality. Having that, one should also look up to magazines for inspiration. Fashion magazines have always been the traditional source for trends and in the end, just be yourself! Street style or street fashion is something that defines your personality but it still highly trendy and cool. The good thing about street style clothing is that it could be just your own clothes that you have either customized or demolished.

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