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Recipes for Wedding Showers Themes

The menu choice for wedding showers themes at any season must be excellent in looks and super delicious in taste. Food is off course one of the main reasons for a gathering to attend the shower. In fact it is one of the favorite reasons for girls to attend the bridal showers. Sharing food is equivalent to sharing blessings and love to each other. Not many men attend the bridal shower, so it is a perfect occasion for girls and ladies to plan their own menus and enjoy the yummy dishes of their own choice that men-folk might not like to eat. Let us give you some useful ideas on menu for bridal shower themes. We would like to concentrate our ideas around the food which is delicious and also not messy and tricky to eat such as the finger food or cucumber sandwiches. The simple and elegant and delicious dumplings and little bites will make your friends satisfied. Light dishes as calla lily sandwiches, strawberry crostini , garlic cream cheese, spinach quiche, crab cakes , shrimp scampi and stuffed mushrooms are simple to made and easy to eat. These light dishes can be enjoyed right at the beginning of shower before the guests involve themselves in activities of wedding shower themes. ¬†Another reason to choose these mentioned dishes is that cooking and serving these to the guests does not cost much. The expenses of ingredients, cooking and serving easily fits in ones pocket. These wonderful dishes are sure to keep your friends at the event happy. You can serve these yummy dishes at a brunch, lunch or even at dinner as per the time of wedding shower themes celebrations. So far we talked about the food and now we will mention some drinks. As wedding showers themes are incomplete if cocktails and other drinks are not served to the guests at the function. One of the lovely drinks to serve at wedding shower is Champagne. It is as likable among women as amongst men.¬† Champagne is most suitable to be served at night parties. At wedding shower themes which are celebrated at day time, guests can be served non-alcoholic drinks. Sunshine nectar, citrus water punch, ice green tea are some of the most desirable drinks to be served at wedding showers themes. After serving food and drinks to guests comes the time to let them indulge in sweet dish. Cake is the best sweetener to be served towards the end of party. It is a perfect to thank everyone for their love and affection by serving a delicious and lovely cake.  

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