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Quiet wine honeymoon trip

Bordeaux, read in the mouth will be the name of dense bouquet. To door, just follow the bouquet, all the way through the stretch for hundreds of grapes in the garden, early have master ready for the most treasure wine waiting for long time. Bordeaux passion and romance, in between will reflect red each drunks smiling face.---  Quiet wine honeymoon trip


All the way from the left to the right along, until two sea between, vineyard differently in different plant species along the Garonne and Dordogne by French brilliant sunshine, moderate rain and dew and diverse custom, launched a wonderful trajectory. To door, destined to and has good wine.---  Quiet wine honeymoon trip


As the world wine production level of bordeaux, each wine manor master all the wine made from grapes with his pride. Go to a wine producer, plantation owners will take the guest see their vineyard, take a walk their wine mate, product a they most proud of vintage wine, if catch up with the grape harvest season, and the opportunity to personally experience grape picking. Live in full of eighteenth century style of wineries castle, listen to host speak their past, present and future, wine is flowed in the people blood culture, is the culture of generation inheritance.---  Quiet wine honeymoon trip


Medoc is the left bank of the important wine, and also one of one of six families. In local dialect, "medoc" means "middle", because its located in the Atlantic ocean and river jilong and between. Year after year will Jilong river gravel gradually deposit in the stony area, formed small pebbles, gravel and sand gravel soil composed of during the day, it can reflect and absorb the sun heat, and in the evening, and release the storage quantity of heat. This kind of phenomenon greatly reduce the day and night temperature fluctuation, and even help reduce night frost, very suitable for cultivation in the hot environment growth best late variety cabernet sauvignon. So, from production to the vineyard red wine made from cabernet sauvignon grapes mainly. Cabernet sauvignon grapes give medoc wine distinct characteristics, fragrance, taste mellow rich, for mixing, can test of a long time, and the new wine taste spicy, but with the passage of time will become more and more exquisite and delicate.---

Quiet wine honeymoon trip


When love each other people to this piece of tulip blooming water, be sure to bring chocolate and cheese, riding a bicycle to the canal to find romance, or enjoying in art museum in looking for traces of van . Moreover, Amsterdam is a shopper's paradise, has been the global American Express Travel (American Express Travel Services) selected as the world's top ten "best Christmas shopping city" one.---  Quiet wine honeymoon trip


To have a guest, palmer lome fort technical director Marie - Laure Lurton always with guests visit their pride of the wine cellar, and personally led you allocate their own first paragraph mixed wine. Here you will be lucky enough to use his name you allocate cup of wine, no matter how taste, taste their works with remarkable achievements.---Quiet wine honeymoon trip


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