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Purple Wedding Theme (Purple Dreams and Purplish Wedding)

Everything happens for a reason and if the idea of staging your wedding on a theme flashes through your mind and heart, you must go for it. Your love for colors may help to the best idea for your wedding. Purple themed wedding may be one you may come across as the one which can reflect your personality and bring in the required exuberance to make it a reality. Purple is one of the most favored wedding color and if used with a little innovation and fantasy, it is going to create wonders on the precious day of your life. Just imagine purple all around, the linen, table cloths, upholstery and most importantly the lighting which will have a lasting effect on the décor. All the décor may not be purple for décor but white and grey is going to be a great compliment considering the purple lighting all around. I can foresee the handsome bride and the beautiful bridegroom walking down venue with a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers.  You may like to keep the dress code for your friends and family as grey so that the couple is differentiated and purple color makes you one of the most sought after in the party.

The guest table arrangement and decorations can also add to the Purple wedding theme. First the table to be kept for the centerpiece may have designer linen as table tops and table falls. Table falls can be used to tie artificial flower bands, using purple cloth and ribbons. A round table may be used to make the centerpiece look beautiful. As a centerpiece, a large glass, especially a Tulip shape, can be used and filled with Purple flowers and a purple strings can be tied around the neck of the glass. To make your guests feel special, you may use the same pattern for other tables also though  wedding centerpieces can be smaller in size. The other option is to keep purple flowers in the purple vases.  Purple and white balloons can also be used to decorate walls and pillars but not in access.

Since it is a Purple wedding theme, you may like to check for the uniform of the serving staff. If it is going for a table feasts, staff must some purple to their uniform to add to the charm and aura. Also, if the need be you can consult your friends for the best suited wine, liquor or liqueur. For example, Burgundy, may not be purple but has a shade of purple, appropriate for such kind of wedding. If not, the purple glass is the best option.

To top it all, a purple wedding theme may be incomplete without a wedding cake which may be draped in purple color and small edible purple flowers.

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