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Pure and Innocent All White Wedding Theme Ideas For You

If you prefer for a very light and sober color for your wedding, then you can choose the white color. White color is an indication of purity and the person who is usually conscious about cleanliness usually prefers white color. Any visitor is obvious to feel utmost pleasant when he sees all white wedding theme and every item in white color.

The bride is usually dressed in white attire and if the bridesmaids are also dressed in white dresses, then they appear like lilies. Nevertheless, let the bridesmaids not wear the same pattern of dress, as the bride wears. Not everybody should appear homogenous because the visitor would feel bored to see everybody in the same attire. You can arrange for bouquets containing flowers such as lilies, magnolia, or any other white flower. If you want to present everything in white, then only prepare a bouquet with flowers. If you plan on an all white wedding theme then preferably do not add any other color when you are presenting anything.

Different people choose different wedding color themes, based on their likings. If you choose a color theme wedding, then you can choose white wedding theme if you want to present something simple. If you want to choose white color for your wedding, then the men can dress up in white trousers and white coats. Alternatively, let them present to the marriage with white color.

The dining table can be covered as per your all white wedding theme, wherein the dinning cover can be all white without any design and the pillows of the chairs should be purely white. The dining hall windows can be covered with pure white curtains. You can use white plastic chairs that are ideal for seating. The ceilings can be covered with white curtains too. You can hang white balloons on the ceiling so that everything appears white.

Nevertheless, if you choose an all white wedding theme, then you and everybody present for the marriage should be careful about cleanliness. White color easily gets stained. So try not to stain any items such as curtains, chairs, covers, etc. the vanilla candies or any cookies with white color can be presented to the visitors who attend the wedding.

The presents or the gifts can be covered with white-colored papers. The white cake can be presented to the hall with beautiful decorations. It can be a vanilla cake that is iced in white. You can decorate the cake with white flowers. The cake table should be completely white.

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