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Prevailing Victorian Wedding Theme

The Victorian wedding theme is connected with the England’s Queen Victoria and she had a versatile personality and was famous for fashion, unique style and the graceful look. You can copy the same appearance for your marriage and it will give a historical beautiful look. The main characteristics of Victorian wedding theme are the balloon sleeves, corsets, crinoline dresses and bustles items for bride and bridesmaid. For the groom and groomsmen stovepipe pants are ideal with cravat ties to give the complete vision of the theme in your celebrations. Complete the Victorian atmosphere by the furniture which will be same that were used in the Victorian era.

victorian wedding theme

For the arrangement of the entire event you have to focus on the theme and you will use all items which can give the Victorian theme such as the wedding style, reception venues, Victorian architecture, wedding favors and the decoration pieces. You can notice easily the design of dresses and the presentation of the meal, venue decoration in a movie which is reflecting the Victorian life style. How they were lead their lives and their event setting too. For an event the venue is very important and it must have the objects of that time. Some churches already have Victorian architecture such as cathedral ceilings, wooden pews with plush, stained glass windows and red or blue cushions on the sitting arrangement.

victorian wedding theme 1

In Victorian times the garden wedding theme settings were liked by the people therefore you can coif your marriage ceremony with English garden or a rose and it will be the actual explanation of the theme that you have selected. Now you have selected the venue of your event what would be your next step. Flowers are the basic thing that play vital role in the decoration of the occasion. The reception location will be with chandeliers because it reflects the Victorian interior design. Place big candelabra on the reception table as a decoration piece and lit candles too to give the touch of real Victorian marriage idea.

victorian wedding theme 2

Give more time to the garnishing of the reception area and cover reception chairs with tiffany linen covers and add a bow on the back of every seat. Take roses and sprinkle the rose petals on the reception table as well as doilies to make it extraordinary. Wedding favors for Victorian wedding theme may be of the Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle. Tie it with multicolor ribbons because these were used frequently in the social events of Victorian weddings. Apply this great theme and enjoy lot your own event.

victorian wedding theme 3

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