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Pretty Yellow Wedding Themes For You

Yellow is a vibrant color, so it is most suitable for summer weddings. During the summer, you will probably see more than one person dressed in yellow. It is the color of the sun, so it makes sense that it is worn during the sun season. A yellow wedding is a summer wedding, since the two are really hard to separate. The best thing about yellow wedding themes is that they seem to brighten up the mood. A yellow wedding is a happy wedding, which is why yellow wedding themes are recommended. Despite the fact that yellow is a good wedding color, it is not recommended for you to have a purely yellow wedding. Below are a few yellow wedding themes that you should consider.

Yellow and Grey: This is probably one of the best color combinations. The bridal bouquet could have both yellow and grey in it, which should also match the bridesmaids. You could decide to have some maids wear yellow, while the others are in grey. Grey plates would look good on a table with yellow floral arrangements.

Yellow, Black and White: This is a good color combination for the wedding cake. The cake could be white with black ribbons and yellow flowers. Remember that a cake is not only a dessert, but a good way for your guests to feed their eyes. A yellow, black and white cake will certainly catch your guest’s eyes. This color combination is also perfect for the car entrance.

Yellow wedding invitations theme: These are ideal for a summer wedding. Such invitations are bound to wake up your guests and inform them about your upcoming amazing wedding. A yellow invitation will look so beautiful and will be regarded as a top priority by your guests. People will have the feeling that if you put that much time into planning your invitation cards, you would place a lot of effort into the actual planning of the wedding ceremony.

When you decide to have yellow wedding themes, you will need clever ways into which to incorporate this lovely color into your wedding. A yellow topper would be a good way to enhance your bridal attire. Yellow can also be incorporated in the groom’s attire by placing small yellow flower pins on his suit.

In a nutshell, if yellow is your favorite color, there is no reason as to why you should not choose to have yellow wedding themes. All you have to do is think about clever color combinations and your wedding will be what you want it to be.

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