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Prestigiously Sporty Golf Wedding Theme

No doubt golf is an expensive game and only prestigious and classic people play this game where this game also needs passion and desire and obviously golf club members cannot skip on showing off about their great games which they play every evening at their clubs. Golf fans cannot let go this game and incorporating this game in your wedding is not only a good idea but a great idea so if you are a golf person be ready to encounter few amazingly best ideas for your golf wedding theme because you just clicked the right thing for your help.

golf wedding theme

The golf wedding theme can also reflect few images of country wedding themes because of its purely natural look which comes from golf setting i.e. into the green grass. Golf has a typical set up and we are going to follow that set up for your golf wedding theme and the first thing you need to do for your wedding is booking a golf club for your wedding. It is not important that you do your wedding in the golf playing field you can also take it inside a golf course and that depends on you entirely because booking a golf playing field could get difficult because of strict rules.

golf wedding theme 1

Rushing to the cake of your wedding you will have to get a green color layered cake which will be kind of edgy showing of the layers of golf meadow topped with the statue of bride and groom where groom is holding a golf stick and bride is standing with her pert dog. The golf themed wedding follows a white colored dress for a typically beautiful, humorous and happy bride and boy follows the traditional dressing of grooms where the bride’s dress has to be long elegant gown made by linen fabric which drapes flawlessly.

golf wedding theme 2

Place golf balls into the glass as centerpieces and you can also use golf sticks in the decorations whereas put a golf score chart at the entrance with the names of couple written or printed on it. You can give the best shot of golf at your wedding for fun because it is simply playful to try a golf shot at your wedding day while same goes for the groom. Set mini golf for your guests to play so that they get a bit more essence of golf wedding and at the end the color of flower girls is simply green just like a golf field itself.

golf wedding theme 3

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