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Preppy style guide---blouse,fake chain and sandals from Tbdress

Hi,guys,today we want to talk about the applique and a popular blouse in this summer,and Tbdress can offer some clothing matching skills for you,I hope it will help you.

Fashionable blouse for girls

This summer,many girls wear this style of blouse just like this one on the picture from Tbdress,this blouse is so charming and chic for the wearers,look at this one clearly,the printed cloth is so premier,the asymmetrical design of the front and back is so charming and novel,I think some girls like this style best,because it is so different from the common style and changeable style will add up to their beauty.the blouse is leisure and loose,so you can wear this blouse in campus and street.you will feel casual,when you wear this blouse ,it can protect your skin from sun,so it is your best choice in this summer.when you wear this blouse,you can wear a sheath shorts to match this one.In addition to,some applique is necessary,look at this fake chain,I must to say,it is luxurious and modern,the square beads are so sunny and charming,the black beads with the golden chain is so fabulous and stylish,you can wear this chain to go outside,you will be more beautiful.the last but not least,a pair of sandals is necessary,the cross-strap high heel shoes is so sexy and stylish,I like this style very much,the high heel can show the fine figure of myself,so you can wear this stylish sandals to match your blouse and sheath shorts,they will be the most popular points in this summer.all of these products are from Tbdress,so if you are interested i these products, I hope these links will help you:

Classic Long Sleeves Chiffon Print Chiffon Blouse:https://www.tbdress.com/product/Classic-Long-Sleeves-Chiffon-Print-Chiffon-Blouse-10938548.html

Fascinating Long Square Shaped Beads Sweater Chain:https://www.tbdress.com/product/Fascinating-Black-Long-Square-Shaped-Beads-Sweater-Chain-10878002.html

Sexy Cross Strap Stiletto Heel Sandals With Zipper:https://www.tbdress.com/product/Sexy-Cross-Strap-Stiletto-Heel-Sandals-With-Zipper-10922926.html

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