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If you need professional help to bring together any of the wedding themes for spring you decide on then you better find one ASAP.  With the large number of wedding that are held during spring, caterers and décor professionals may be already committed to attend other weddings. The same applies to renting or buying your bridal gown. The next thing that you need to finalize with wedding themes for spring is the venue. There are the options for a fully outdoor or indoor event or both of them brought together. Because of the weather associated with spring, it is safer to have your ceremony indoors. If that is case find a venue that is homey yet elegant and one that has a good view of nature.  An outdoor event on the other hand needs careful planning. It can be really hot at one minute and cold with drizzle in the next. Therefore you will need to come up with strategies to deal with both situations. Canopies and tents are good plan Bs incase of rain. Arrange to have them at a stone throw distance such that it will be easy to transport. To deal with the scorching sun, hang sun umbrellas at a central place easily accessed by the guests. Another cooling and refined way is to have ushers hand out back of the neck and/or wrist cold packs. It is also wise to have bottled water to quench their thirst. When planning for any wedding themes for spring you need to be prepared at all times, as the saying goes it is better safe than sorry. Because it is bloom time, you are assured to have some animal company, more specially, insects. You probably chose a butterfly theme coz of this reason but let's face it, they can be a nuisance sometimes.  Bees can also crash your wedding since there are lots of sweet smelling spring flowers. To control this situation have insect replant to use if necessary. Did you know that removing the stamen can actually reduce the smell from the flowers hence attracting less insects? A florist can skillfully remove these parts without damaging the flower so you do not have to fret that you favorite spring flower will be left out of the floral arrangement. Consider to have shawls gorgeously folded in baskets in case it gets chilly. Such shawls can be your wedding favors.

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