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Preferable theme wedding ideas

There are so many theme wedding ideas that a couple could use to base their wedding on. However it is with modern weddings that we have seen themes being most preferable, they have shaped the wedding events in that they have become a necessity in any wedding. They have developed from the obvious color theme of flowers and champagne to even more sophisticated designs like beach and vintage based themes. The following themes are just but a few of which you could choose from to make your wedding magnificent.

You can plan a wedding with elegance and nostalgic fun if you base it on the Victorian vintage wedding theme. These classic Victorian weddings are a perfect choice if they are set in a beautiful garden; serve some crumpets, tea to bring about that undeniable Victorian style. This should be well planned, either to be suited on a large backyard, pavilion or park. If by any chance you cannot conduct it outside, choose a mansion with Victorian style and design or church with a view of beautiful gardens, and elegant long veranda that will allow chance of strolling about or a classic inn with the Victorian characteristics. Use design patterns that are more feminine, fabrics that will include velvet, damasks or needlepoint. Here the most popular colors include bottle-green, red and eggplant.

Another popular theme is the Rustic country side style. If you prefer an atmosphere that is relaxed, simple and with rustic charm, go for the unusual, old-fashioned, country-side wedding styles. They can move you from the busy urban atmosphere to a simpler time in the country-side if only for a moment. For your base colors, go for the earthy tones. Throw in some yellow and gold, tans and umber, celadon and cinnamon and also sage and russet. To make it even more unusual, consider unique favors. Maybe you could surprise your guests with some handmade country-style favors. Some of the treasured favors include home-canned jam or jellies tied at the top may be with pink ribbons and with homemade labels which could include a “thank you” addressed to the recipient.

Those are just a few of the endless list of themes that could be used in a wedding. They can be based according to nature, religion romance and so much more. They are important in dictating the mood and also dress code of the wedding. A theme will also help the guests in deciding on which gifts to bring with them.

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