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Precious and Pinky Coral Wedding Theme

Coral is a very precious gem and relates to red color which portrays love, affection and romance whereas a full-fledged wedding theme is based on this gem and i.e. coral wedding theme. This wedding theme is based on red coral stone but it works with light shaded red i.e. peach and pink but adding blue along with these colors brings in life to all other colors used in the wedding.

coral wedding theme

The coral wedding themes are soft and graceful wedding so the bride has to wear a white colored dress and the dress needs to be cute and beautiful rather than elegant and classic while don’t forget to tie peach colored rope around your waist. The bridesmaid and flower girls can do great with pink and peach colored elegant ball gowns while they can tie blue colored ropes over there waist and the groom can stick to the brides color while the flowers will have to be peach and pink colored whereas put these flowers into blue colored bouquet.

coral wedding theme 1

Use rust colored acrylic bead chains and put those chains into tables and walls as decorations and you can even light it if you want whereas for the lighting you can use coral paper lanterns and hang them over the ceiling. You can also use coral tissue paper flowers and put them into glass and use it as centerpieces and you can also put coral, peach and mint macaroons on each table as a favor or starter for the guests attending your wedding. Use peach Rose petals as decoration whereas keep blue in the combination and don’t miss out on this color and for that you can add in two to three blue colored flowers in a flower bouquet.

coral wedding theme 2

It will be great if you wear pink colored shoes and same colored accessories to keep yourself linked with the theme whereas flower girls will have to do same with the color blue so that the rhythm keeps on flowing in your wedding. Blue colored is the tie for the groom and use a coral gold nail art while use flowers in your hairstyle to go a bit classy. You can take your coral wedding into woods and you can also give it a cowboy wedding theme look by making your girls wear cowboy shoes. The coral wedding is related to a precious gem so don’t leave out the prestige and elegance of the gem out of your wedding try to remain intact with the essence.

coral wedding theme 3

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