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Powerful and Joyful Mardi Gras Wedding Theme

Bold colors, masks and jewelries are among the identifying ideas that a Mardi Gras wedding theme. One must note that it is very similar to a carnival themed wedding. This Mardi Gras is a well-liked holiday  that took its place during winter where the room for doing parties is so good. Colors of gold, purple, and green can turn a wedding into powerful and joyful Mardi Gras. Let your guest celebrate with you by letting them wear a mask or beaded jewelries to make the wedding more fun and memorable.

Take note on this Mardi Gras Wedding Theme:

On Invitations - make your invitations more looking like fun by doing an invitation card shaping like a mask. Set the background on black that has a gold embossed mask on the cover to let guests know that you are really having a Mardi Gras wedding theme and so with this, they will surely have to be on an attire of Mardi Gras. Fill inside the invitation with purple and gold confetti so that when they open the invitation, a festive and merry occasion comes first.

On themed wedding dresses/attire -  the attire of the wedding can be on the tone that are the same with the bridesmaids and flower girls and should match the vest of the groom. Colors of the dresses can be in gold, green, purple, and red for the bride's maids and for the bride; she can stay with what has been accustomed like the ivory or white gown but with accents of gold brooch on her waist or on her shoulder.

On Decorations -  of course with wedding theme like Mardi Gras, has always been understood that the decorations might as well come in bold colors as what a festive Mardi Gras is. Masks that are of different sizes and shapes should be present and be put on the receiving area of the reception hall so that arriving guest would just have to pick one and wear. Spread out much confetti  on the tables and on the floors, hang balloon bouquets all over the room, and play jazz music as the wedding music background.

On Reception Food - a buffet set up is best for a Mardi Gras wedding theme. Guests would be enjoying the different appetizers like muffalettas, cheese straws, Cajun shrimp, and crab cakes that are simple for their bites yet tasty and enjoyable. Let theme sip a glass of margarita, hurricanes, mint juleps lemonade, and sweet tea.

Mardi Gras wedding theme upon hearing and reading the term will always let us have the fascination of festivities, dancing and eating.

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