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Portray nature by choosing a Green wedding theme

Green is a color of nature. Choosing a green wedding theme can portray the couple as lovers of nature and conservation of the environment. Green is also a color that portrays a healthy life full of energy. Having a green environment is a sign of nourishment as well as an opportunity to breathe in fresh air.

To have a successful green wedding theme the ideal venue for the event is a garden setting. This has to be an outdoor wedding rather than indoors which might limit you a good view of the natural beauty of a natural green surrounding. Your guests will be thrilled by the natural flowers catching their eye sights and others will not resist the temptation to sit on the green carpet of grass under a shade from the trees in the surrounding.

Since nature has already given you a perfect green wedding theme, you can then add a few other elements that complement it. There are colours that go together with green for example white, black and orange. A wedding cake can be designed as a tree with fruits sprouting from it. You can place fresh fruits especially berries due to their small sizes to represent the fruits. Make sure you portray the real color of a natural tree by shading it green and placing ripe fruits that are brightly colored for a better view.

The bride can dress in a white gown while holding natural flowers tied with green natural ribbons. This applies to the bride maids who might wear green dresses while holding flowers tied with white or orange ribbons. Having a pure green dress code is too reserved for a wedding. Incorporate the green color with other colours to bring a classy look. The men can wear a black suite with a white shirt together with a green tie that matches the shade of the bride maid’s dresses.

Since you are portraying your love for nature with a green wedding theme, you have to ensure you conserve the environment as much as possible during your wedding day. Stick to natural decorations as much as possible and avoid those that can pollute the environment. You can choose to do your wedding during summer when roses, daisies, lilies and other flowers are abundant.

It is important to consider the kind of food you will serve your guests based on a green wedding theme. In respect to the color’s organic and healthy symbolism, the most suitable food to prepare is light meals especially those in season with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

When you choose a green wedding theme ensure you consider all aspects of nature to make you event a success.

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