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Popular wedding invitation themes

Always ensure that you match your wedding invitation themes to your wedding theme. From the unique and destination to the classic and modern, the themes used should help coordinate the wedding ideas and style. It is very easy to personalize with any particular design. The wedding invitation will communicate to your guests the tone of your event and the general frame of the wedding.

For a wedding invitation theme, a tea towel invitation would do. It’s not a must you be an avid tea drinker but you cans as well invite people through this unique method. Here invitations are encrypted on a clothing, or towel and they can either be bought or designed by any local crafter.

You can also opt for a Candy land-inspired relationship timeline invitation theme. Here you make a complete timeline telling about your relationship history. This could be full with photos and decorations that depict the said relationships. The invitations could be handmade, or customized according to the couples wishes.

You can also base your invitation on the destination of the wedding. This will ensure the guests carry the right attire for that particular activity. For example a wedding to be held on a beach, would see the invitation cards incorporating factors like palm trees, tides and so forth. You can as well make it unique by sending the message in a bottle. Roll up the invitation into the glass bottle and as well put a little amount of sand and some sea shells. This will also depict a beach themed invitation.

Your invitation might also be a dress code themed invitation. If for example you want your guests to be dressed in a particular dress code, go ahead and reduce the embarrassment they could face by ensuring you correctly inform them by using this theme. This is going to show how formal or informal the wedding is going to be.

Also you can have invitations that are cultural or heritage inspired. Many couples honor their ancestors by using this theme which incorporates symbols, motifs and themes reflecting their backgrounds. Tribal prints and Celtic symbols are a common sight in wedding invitations.

A silhouette theme will also be appropriate for wedding themes. A bold colored silhouette of the couple getting married against a light background, maybe with colorful butterflies would portray a jovial and celebration mood of the wedding. However you can use anything that will complement your wedding theme and provides a distinct silhouette.

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