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Popular and Common Beach Theme Wedding Colors

Beach weddings are very popular due to its exotic location and romantic ambiance. It is preferred by people who like to organize out door wedding. To arrange a beach wedding one has to be really prepared well in advance because beach wedding should be done in a good clear day when temperature is pleasure and temperate. The best beach theme wedding colors are mainly the color of sea like sea green, sea blue, indigo and many other shades of blue; you can even blend it well with  white, off white, cream, ivory etc.

The decoration accessories of beach wedding should be of corals, pearls, starfish etc. and you can even use different color flowers too to give it bright look and add contrast to it. One should keep in mind that beach wedding is the outdoor wedding themes so you will not be able to control temperature of the venue so make sure it is a pleasant day so your guests would feel comfortable white sitting. You should avoid night time for beach wedding because it will be an extra caution for arranging lights for guests. In evening ocean waves mostly become harsh also so morning is the best time for beach wedding.

Sand is another thing you have to take care of; walking on sand especially for women who prefer to wear high heels can be a problem so try to hire a beach, which has some cemented pathways so it is easy for guests to walk. Bride should wear very comfortable shoes or it might make her very tired or walking on sandy beach might be difficult for her so walking path is one of the most important things you have to keep in mind when planning your beach theme wedding colors.

The color of wedding gown for your beach theme wedding colors can be white is always preferable by many brides but if she likes, she can add little bit blue and silver with her dress that can blend well with the theme color. One important thing you have to keep in mind for the length of wedding dress, it should not be very long unless at beach it will very dirty and might get stuck also while walking.

For groom’s suit, black and white are quite perfect colors and he can put a brooch of coral or starfish shape. Footwear should be black for groom and for bride it can be white or silver but make it is not very high heel unless it will be uncomfortable to walk on sandy beach. Plan your wedding well give a memorable themed wedding reception to your guests.

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