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Planning for Wedding Shower Theme Ideas

Bridal shower is an occasion which brings the family and friends of bride together at a place. Usually, a bridal shower is arranged at day time. But irrespective of the time or wedding shower themes and ideas which you consider to celebrate the day, the main goal is entertainment for all. To make the day fun filled, here is what needs to be done:

  1. Planning for guests welcome: Guests love the warm welcome. The first thing that needs to be done on wedding shower day is to arrange a friendly and warm welcome for all. You can give a flower base or bouquet to every guest as and when they arrive at the party.
  2. Game or Activity: Once all the guests come to the wedding shower theme ideas, they look forward to fun and celebrations. There can be unlimited fun if you incorporate a game or an activity which brings all the guests together on a stage. A musical chair would be fun to start with, followed by a dance on the dance floor.
  3. Food: After tiring games, serve a delicious food to all the guests. Buffet should be a combination of light and heavy food. Let it be a mix of salads, sandwiches and chicken dishes. Complement the buffet with desserts such as ice-creams. In winters you can serve hot chocolate. Guests love to eat delicious meals if served with cocktails. In beach wedding shower theme ideas, you can serve tropical cocktails. On backyard wedding shower ideas, you can serve wines and champagnes.
  4. Photography:  Activities and food can be flowed by photography. If you are staging the black and white bridal shower themes ideas, than you can include black and white photography. Black and white photographs are adored even in the colourful era of present time.
  5. Gifts:  The most favourite time which everyone in the bridal shower looks to is the distribution of gifts. Arrange the gifts beautifully on the reception table; add name tags to the gift. Let the bride open the gifts given to her and appreciate the love and appreciation of her near and dear ones.
  6. Serve Cake: Let the celebrations finish in the grand way, the way it started. Cut a well decorated, delicious and colourful cake at the end of the evening. Let all taste the sweet at the sweet wedding shower.
There is nothing happier than the happy hearts at the celebrations.

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