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Planning for a Brown Wedding Theme

We all have our favourite colours and if you are like most people, you want your favourite colours to be part of your wedding theme. Colours can be incorporated into a number of wedding themes. The easy part is choosing the main colour that you are to use, while the tricky part is making sure that your wedding is not dull. As you might already know, experts recommend that you have more than one colour at your wedding, so as to brighten up the occasion. Therefore, regardless of what your favourite colour might be, you might want to mix things up a little. Brown is one of the colours that you should consider using at your wedding. A quick look through a wedding magazine will reveal more than one couple that opted for the brown wedding theme. Brown has become one of the commonest colours used at weddings today, probably because it is extremely easy to mix up with various other colours. Brown allows you to mix up colours, thereby creating the mood that you want. Brown has been known to represent aspects like warmth, dependability and honesty, which are a good reflection of the couple. However, before you decide on a brown wedding theme, there are a few things that you need to put into consideration. If you want a brown wedding, you need to consider your wedding reception. The colours at the reception should blend well with your brown wedding theme. For example, you should not opt for reception areas that have blue carpets or red walls. This is because; such a reception area will not blend well with your brown décor. Therefore, before you choose the theme, you should make certain that you have the perfect reception in mind. When you decide on brown wedding theme, it does not mean that everything at your wedding should be brown in colour. Brown is a natural, earth colour, so it goes with most colours. However, there are various shades of brown and this is where most couples get problems. It is recommended that you choose a dark, but shiny shade of brown, for example chocolate brown. This will make it easy for you to incorporate colours like pink and cream. Gold is another good colour to use in a brown wedding theme, since it always reflects wealth and style.

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