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Plan Your Wedding Day Based On The Thrilling Phantom Of The Opera Wedding Theme

Phantom of the Opera is basically a novel of Gaston Leurox.  Phantom of the Opera is a leading character who is a surprisingly a very good singer despite his deformities. He is like a phantom because his voice is heard only by Valerius. He is portrayed as a person wearing a black coat, hat and a mask on the eyes.

If you are choosing a Phantom of the Opera wedding theme, then the bridegroom can dress up like a phantom. If he feels awkward as a bridegroom, then all his mates can dress up like a phantom of the Opera. The bride can dress up like the Veleruis. Only the dressing aspect does not come into picture for Phantom of the Opera wedding theme, but also the background of the marriage. It is one of the best movie themed wedding ideas for your memorable big day.

Phantom of the Opera wedding theme is not very common because many people cannot easily arrange the marriage place like this. The marriage place can be arranged like an Opera where the people can feel that a concert would take place. Your marriage place should appear like a concert place. You can also arrange for a small stage. You can arrange for the spotlight from the ceiling and it perfectly looks like an Opera room. You may invite for a talented artist to make your wedding day a music themed wedding through his musical show and by dressing up like Phantom. You can arrange everything in red and gold so that it indicates love. During the wedding party, the couple should show their love to each other.

The bride can dress up the St.Pucchi wedding gown so that she is dressed up like an actress in the movie. She can wear a black strapless dress. This wedding seems more fantastic when arranged during the nighttime. The guests can enjoy the elegance of the nights watching the Opera show. You can arrange for a musical show and the guest should also accompany the musical artists and enjoy the show. You must pay attention to three aspects which include the attire, accessories and d├ęcor. Phantom of the Opera wedding theme seems like a cast party in school rather than a wedding. It should seem more like a party than a wedding. If you are planning for a phantom, then you must arrange for gold candelabras on the table and the scene just looks perfect.

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