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Plan Your Own Celebrity Style Hollywood Wedding Theme

Planning a wedding and planning to do it in style and in a grand and pomp style? Well a Hollywood wedding theme can be the option you might be looking at. In fact you can also think of Hollywood wedding theme in case you are a movie buff, drowned in the glitz and glamor of the silver screen or a particular franchisee, you can always go for a great Hollywood wedding theme.

When you are planning an old Hollywood wedding theme, it is very important to understand that what actually looking for or planning for. You can choose to have a Hollywood wedding theme from some of the most famous wedding scenes depicted in the best of Hollywood movies, or the ones that still seem to create a magic wedding scene for you or your loved ones. For choosing a movie depicted Hollywood theme you need to do in depth study of the movie sequence and pick out the details. Then meticulously look after the decoration, design and dresses other than almost all other details. The food and ambiance need to be recreated exactly to match the movie sequence and make the movie depicted Hollywood wedding theme a grand success. They may range from romantic Hollywood wedding theme for “A walk in the cloud”, “The Godfather” or any other movie. Another interesting twist to your Hollywood wedding theme can be designed and planned with your entire favorite movie. You can have all the decorations done in tune with your favorite movie, like star trek or star wars for example. In case you are more into some other kind you can also choose from superman or other movies for your Hollywood wedding theme.

There are many ways you can spice up your Hollywood wedding theme, but one of the most important aspect in making it a grand success is the fact that you have to be meticulous in your study and research. The making of a Hollywood themed wedding is not only lies in grand and pompous, but in the detail. It is the detail and the imagination that has made Hollywood famous and that can also make your Hollywood wedding theme a grand success.

You can design the wedding invitation themes can be in the form of a movie ticket or a movie detail. You can also decorate the tables with a lot of imagination and name the tables after famous directors or landmark movies. In case of any movie theme you can use your imagination and creativity. The dress for the bride and the groom as well as the bride’s maid and grooms men needs to be properly arranged. Using movie cams, lights and reflectors as props can be great ideas to decorate. Use the Oscar statue or something dramatic to pack the favors. Be choosy about the music to be played, and also the menu and wine too.

Make it big and make it matter when you are opting for a Hollywood wedding theme, and don’t forget to sign off in style in a Rolls Royce phantom or a vintage limo or some other classic.  

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