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Plan Wedding Shower Themes Unique For Your Marriage

The main objective of wedding shower is to prepare bride and groom for their new married life. Wedding shower can be taken as perfect occasion to provide the couple with beautiful accessories and little financial help. However, you can make the venue more interesting by following wedding shower themes unique to make your special day more memorable.


Some useful elements for memorable wedding shower are guest list, exotic theme, venue, timing, hosting, food items, and wedding favors. Time is taken as primary element to consider for wedding shower. Usually, shower is arranged two months prior to wedding as bride have many showers to attend till marriage. Most of the times, couple’s friends come together to arrange the wedding shower for the couple. The wedding shower is organized according to the taste and personality of bride and groom.

The location for wedding shower should be decided according to bride’s personality. The locations may be botanical garden, hotel, private room or event hall. There may be variations in guest list according to arrangement and the person who is hosting the party. For example, if your boss is hosting the party then it may include co-workers and colleagues in the list. If your sister is organizing the party then she may include family members, friends or relatives. The couple will surely experience different wedding showers along with different themes and guests. Some popular wedding shower themes unique for you include

The most popular wedding themes is lingerie shower which is very much similar to slumber party. In this shower, guests usually come in pajamas and food items are also served to the guests. The next category is honeymoon shower where location is decided according to honeymoon’s location. Third category is making memories shower. In this category, you may include scrap book, photo frames and picture albums. Close friends or relatives may bring framed pictures to decorate their homes.


The next popular category is spa shower where you can arrange massage, manicure, pedicure, or facial facility for the bride. As wedding favors, you can bring cosmetic gifts for the bride. Also serve special food items for the guests like strawberries or champagne. Another most popular wedding shower theme is kitchen shower. Guests can bring kitchen items for the couple in this unique theme. The last category is stock the bar shower. In this theme, guests can bring various types of wine, beer, or liquor.

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