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Plan a Fabulous Marriage with Unique Wedding Shower Themes

To plan a fabulous marriage is not very simple because it requires creativity and uniqueness which is rare in the traditional wedding arrangements. Give the non traditional look to your wedding but you must dare for it because it is difficult to make a different track from the existed customs. If you have courage so we are telling great unique wedding shower themes that will enhance the beauty of the event and everyone will keep it in his memory. First of all check your inner, what gives you more satisfaction. If you are fond of any game you can opt for it as main theme of the occasion, if you love book reading you have option to select as your marriage theme.

unique wedding shower themes

Which book do you like most? If it is novel like Hamlet of the great writer William Shakespeare; so you can arrange your marriage celebration in the same pattern as he has presented in the novel. The dress, venue, presentation of the party and the menu would be the same. If you are confusing see the movie on the same topic and you will find easily all of the marriage arrangements for your occasion. If you observe the dresses you will see that these are similar to the Victorian style, copy it for the bridal dress.

unique wedding shower themes 1

It is a great day of your life therefore you must be thankful to all those who attended your party and the favors are the best way to show your warm wishes towards them. If you do not know the likes of every guest does not matter and select the item which are of common use such as edible items with colorful packing. You have ready made boxes for gift packing in market and you can take for the wedding shower.

unique wedding shower themes 2

If you want to add sport as unique wedding shower themes it is also a best idea. Suppose that you like golf most so present it in your marriage venue by arranging some decoration pieces of the same idea. In the center of the place set the original golf sport and offer every guest to come and play the game. The one who will score highest will achieve the prize but you have to be careful for this because it is not necessary that all your guests will take interest in golf. As a solution add a musical competition in the same event. In this way all guests will not bore and enjoy more.

unique wedding shower themes 3

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