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Plan A Cowboy Wedding Theme Party In Country Surroundings

Having a wedding far from all the hustle and bustle of the city, in the middle of country surroundings or to make it even more special by arranging it at your parental village, is a dream comes true for many couples. To have a perfect wedding is not only important for couple but for the whole family and what can be better if we can organizing it as our family wedding at our home? location for cowboy wedding If you want to organize country-side wedding then having a cowboy wedding theme party is ideal for you but keep few things in mind. First of all, cowboy theme wedding needs natural surroundings and it has to be organize in an open area may it be a family home in your village, a garden, a farm or any perfect location in nearby village or in suburbs. Finding a place near any lake or river might be an excellent choice. If you own a farm house or can rent a farm house then that can also be an ideal location for this kind of wedding. Another thing you need to keep in mind is the season. This kind of wedding has to be arranged in open area that means there will be no central air conditioning there, so make sure you set the date of wedding when weather is nice and pleasant. Food table also has to be arranged in an open space, so keep color combination which is bright and co-ordinate with natural surroundings. In decoration you have to use plenty of cowboy hats with different colors, star garlands, cowboy mugs, rail road lanterns, cowboy boots, pale buckets, flower girl baskets etc. you can get these supplies from the shop or give contract to any wedding planner who can arrange all these supplies for you and organize a cowboy wedding theme party for you. Other than these cowboy supplies you need to use lot of natural items like flowers, leaves and lot of colors also to give it a bright and gorgeous look. you can get lot of ideas for decoration from graceful old Hollywood movies also.   For bride and groom wedding costumes should include cowboy boots and hats as well. And cake ideas also have to be influenced with cowboy theme; it can be topped with flower girl basket or cowboy hats. Remember to use lot of rustic colors and cowboy things in the wedding to give it flair of cowboys.

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