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Pink wedding theme for a classy and formal look


Make your bride the most satisfied queen by choosing a pink wedding theme. Ladies are known to love pink colours of all shades. It is an attractive color that brings out elegance and enhances beauty. It is a fact that pink is a romantic color. When you see a lady dressed in a hot pink dress what comes to your mind? You obviously think that this chic is classy and so hot.

Pink goes well with black and white as well as brown colors. It can be overwhelming having a pink color dominate everything in the wedding. Pink cake, pink bridal attire, pink flowers and everything can be boring. You can be more creative by incorporating other colours long as it complements the pink theme well.

For your tables for instance, place bold black and white strips together with pink table toppers to set off your center piece. Keep the table decor simple though to avoid it looking too busy. Too much of something is poisonous. With that pink and black combination give a touch of class to your table.

Many weddings usually go for a pink theme because it is such a handy color. People of all colours can look good in pink if you choose a shade that goes well with your skin tone. You can find readily available materials for your wedding in different pink colours. You can never miss a color of your choice. All you need is to select the shades of pink you will use for your wedding.

If there is a color that is all seasons, it has to be pink. You can find pink flowers during winter or spring. You therefore need not to worry about the most suitable time for your pink themed wedding, instead take your time planning other things necessary for the wedding.

Since pink wedding theme is popular among weddings, finding decorations suitable to set your wedding is easy. You can find many pink flowers of all shades, table mats among others. The wedding cake also should be no problem decorating. Place highlights of brown, silver or gold along the edges instead of a plain pink cake. The cake will look more enticing if you incorporate the pink wedding theme with other colours so long as it does not clash.

Although pink is thought of as more feminine, men can still look good and classy with it. In your wedding simply have the men wear pink ties that match the shade of the bridal dresses. Pink will go well with a black suite and a white shirt. It brings a formal classy look to your wedding. A pink wedding theme can never disappoint you.


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