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Pink wedding themes are very effective in communicating your personalities to your guests.  The color Pink has different meaning to different people; it is associated with care, relaxation and confidence among others. Based on the color combinations, there are as variety of pink wedding themes such as pink and black, pink and lime, and pink and purple. However, this should not limit the couples to trying other color combinations as long as they are comfortable with their decisions. Pink wedding themes also include an all pink color. Pink comes in a variety of shades like blush, fuchsia, magenta, pastels and salmon. With that in mind, your can have a combination of all those shades into your wedding from the attire down to the decorations. To properly produce this theme, have your bridesmaids dress in gowns made from different pink color. Mix and match the decor at the vow taking ceremony and reception room. The cake is still another piece that can be used to clearly bring to the surface this kind of a theme. Have the tiers or cake frosting made from the shades you wish. Most women admit that their partners were reluctant to having pink as the basic color for their wedding, mainly because it’s thought to be too feministic. But you can make your husband-to-be agree to pink wedding themes by incorporating other solid colors such as black, purple or green to the color pattern. The pink-black combination will create a formal but still casual impression to your guest. The party area is the best to wow your guest with any of the pink wedding themes that you settle for. Most of us are used to the usual white and black table linens so go all out and use black linen draped by hot pink tulle. The chair covers can be made of black and tied with pink sashes. Use purple instead of black. Pink cocktails are not hard to find and so are green ones so make use of them.  The floral collection is also good at showing the pink wedding themes by combining pink flowers like roses, peonies, lilies with green ones such as hydrangeas and orchids. Leaves and grasses can be used to highlight the bouquets and flower centerpieces. Use the cake to show your sense of fashion and creativity as you can have it decorated and designed in colors that match the overall theme.  

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