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Pink and Silver Wedding Theme For Your Daughter’s Wedding

Every girl’s favorite color is pink in childhood as it is sweet, cool and feminine color. As they grow older they start changing their preference of color according to their peers, latest trends and fashion. But as a mother you know that she still yearns to wear pink sometime, now when time is to experiment in fashion and people adore those who choose their own way of living and have dare to do something new and exciting. If you are making arrangements for your daughter’s wedding then surprise her by selecting pink and silver color theme for your daughter’s wedding reception. It will bring her childhood memories back and bring another cool flavor to the wedding ambiance.White wedding dress is traditional and most of the people don’t like to play with traditions especially when it comes to marriage rituals but you can combine it with the pink and silver color by creating bouquet of white and pink flowers and silver jewelry and other accessory in silver or diamond with white gold. Dress of maid of honors should be pink if bride’s dress is white but if bride’s gown is pink then maid of honor should wear different combination.  Wedding dresses comes with light shade of pink also which looks as gorgeous and pure as white wedding dress, you can select one like that but make sure you take advice in every step of wedding preparations because children grows much faster than you think and her choice might have changed a lot since you last knew hers.Cake goes best with white and pink color as it creates a great contrast. Pink flowers are very commonly available in the market and pink and white roses can be used extensively to decorate the reception hall, centerpiece and other places of the wedding area, this will make a perfect pink and silver wedding theme. Pink or silver shoes can be selected for the bride, to make symmetrical combination groom’s brooch or tie pin can be of silver and tie can be of pink color if he agrees to it. Pink tie goes well with both white and black suit. You can even do more experiment with pink and silver by putting balloons of this color with flowers in decoration.Table linen can be mix of white and pink with silver cutlery and white china and crystals. Flooring and carpet should be darker unless it might start to look dirty very fast. You can select one with the darker shade of pink.

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