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Pick Amongst the Most Popular Wedding Themes

According to the wedding planner, staging a wedding on a theme is the latest trend and this trend is here to stay for long or may be forever. By incorporating the popular wedding themes, couples feel worth a trillion bucks. Here is a list of themes which are forever:

  1. Beach Wedding This theme is here forever. Whether the couples are in California or in Andaman, beach wedding idea is their first preference. Serene water, amazing sunset, casual beach dresses, beauty of palm trees and sea creatures such as star fish inspires the couple to use the beach wedding theme.
  2. Fairytale Wedding One of the most popular wedding themes is fairytale wedding. Girls always want their groom to be as charming as a prince and boys always dream of their bride to be as pretty as a princess. They dream everything to be larger and rosy then life and so they start their journey together with a fairytale wedding. Chandeliers, flowers, floating candles and crowns create the true atmosphere of fairytale wedding.
  3. Royal Wedding In real it is not possible for many to live a royal life. However; in imagination people do live and enjoy the royalty. In order to make their dream of living like a king or queen come true at least for a day couples proudly stage a royal wedding. They stage their wedding in hotels which offer all the luxuries of a royal life.
  4. Flower Theme From ancient time, the flower theme is amongst the popular wedding themes. There are innumerable varieties of flower on earth. Rose, Tulip, Calla, Lilies, Sunflower and many more can be used in the wedding for decorating the venue.
  5. Colour Theme Can you imagine the options that you have in colours to be used on your big day? Well, to be true it is simply beyond imagination. From usual red, white, black to unique coral and peach, you can choose any colour in your wedding. Every color symbolizes something. Red stands for love and white stands for purity.
  6. Destination Wedding It is one of the most popular wedding themes among the travel enthusiast around the world. Either the couples stage the wedding at an altogether different land or they incorporate the culture of different lands on their wedding which they stage at their homeland. Among different destinations for wedding, Paris, London, Italy and Australia are much preferred by couples. 

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