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Perfect Styles for Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

A junior bridesmaid is an additional bridesmaid to your crew who is too elder to be a flower girl, and too underage to be a proper bridesmaid. Despite of this fact that she cannot be a proper bridesmaid, many bridesmaid teams have them. These are girls between the ages of 10-16 and are helpful for the bridesmaid team, as they want to prove their selves useful. These junior members should be dressed as beautifully as the other bridesmaids should. Here are some tips for selecting perfect junior bridesmaid dresses.

As you have a junior bridesmaid on your team, it is good to ask her about her choice. Junior bridesmaid dresses can be identical to the other bridesmaids, or the flower girl according to her choice. A junior bridesmaid can also wear a white gown as the bride, but definitely, it will be a lot different in style. Dress of the junior bridesmaid can also match the other bridesmaid with a difference, that if the bridesmaids are wearing a strapless gown then junior can wear a gown with spaghetti straps, or broad shoulder straps. In addition, the colour of the junior bridesmaid dress can be opposite to the other crewmembers. If the bridesmaids are wearing a pink gown with purple beadings or a bowknot, then a junior bridesmaid can wear a purple gown with pink beading or bowknot. The outfit of the junior bridesmaid can also match the one of maid of honour. At the end, opinion of the junior bridesmaid should matter the most.

Although junior bridesmaid dresses can have different styles, a floor-length gown will look so astonishing and will add loads of beauty to your junior bridesmaid. A tea-length or knee-length organza frock will also look as good as the other dresses on her. The junior bridesmaid should also carry a bouquet like other bridesmaids. Her bouquet can match the one in the bride’s hands. Her dress can be a heavy gown or a simple one, but it always depends upon her preference. She can also wear a mermaid dress if she has a perfect body for it, as the mermaid dress enhances the curves.

It is not good to load the junior bridesmaid with heavy jewellery. Some flower jewellery, and a light necklace and earrings will look perfect. Junior bridesmaid does not require makeup as bright as the other bridesmaids do. A nude or blush look will just match her perfectly.

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