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Perfect Royal Blue Wedding Theme

Choosing the right wedding color is the most overwhelming part of someone’s wedding and if you Know the relationship between different colors then you can certainly create a successful and beautiful colorful wedding theme. A vibrant color palette of perfect royal blue color always adds a bright touch to your royal blue wedding theme. Here are few suggestions that need to be carefully considered before finalizing any kind of color themed wedding.

 Venue Selection Whenever you decide about your wedding color theme you need to decide on the venue first as venue is a great factor for deciding a colour. If your wedding is by the sea then the choose  blue or coral as the main colour and if you are marrying by considering forest or nature as your theme them green or rustic brown is going to be an ideal choice. Take Inspiration from Season If it is winter season then black, Blue or red color would do but if it is summer season or spring season then light colors could play an important role. Research Always do proper research before choosing a particular color theme for your big day; try to become aware about different color combinations by browsing various fashion magazines or art galleries.

  Wedding Attire Choosing appropriate attire is also important part of wedding. If it is a beach or nautical themed wedding choose gowns which are short in length and above the knees and if it is royal blue wedding theme then choose long gowns with matching shoes and jewelry.

 It is difficult to create a pure royal blue wedding theme without adding some accent colors and accessories to enhance the color blue. Your cake can be the most creative part of your royal blue wedding theme. Consider combining blue with white as main background while preparing or ordering the cake for your royal blue wedding theme. Combination of royal blue with greens or silver adds a perfect classic touch to your elegant wedding themes.   The other most creative thing for your wedding is flower selection. Flowers are mostly used in bridal bouquets and centerpieces in a wedding. Create a selection of royal blue with white if it is nautical or sea themed wedding or silver with royal blue works pretty well if it is winter season wedding. Flower selection is endless, blue roses or wildflowers are an ideal choice for royal blue wedding theme.

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