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Peacock Themed Wedding Cakes For Peacock Weddings

Peacock is referred to as one of the most beautiful animals in the world of wedding cakes and decorations. Peacock themed wedding cakes are not easy to choose as all of them are master pieces and look very- very beautiful. Most of the cakes are either of blue or white color with other edible decorations on it, such as peacock feathers. Well, there is not any other thing identical to a peacock that can be put as decoration on a peacock wedding cake. The feathers can be of any color as long as it looks classy and royal. Colors like Dark pink and purple also are used as backgrounds of feathers.

A several color fudge cake with bright colored feathers can be used in peacock wedding themes. A simple white colored cake of many floors with some original feathers, which are edible. If not then some beautiful peacocks or peacock feathers can be painted on the cake with edible paint. People who like to be simple can have a simple white cake with black ribbons on it, with a black color peacock topper on top of it.

Another very famous idea for peacock themed wedding cakes is to make a whole peacock on top of a simple cake of any color. The peacock set on top of the cake can be either of the original color or can be of some other such as golden or purple. A white colored cake, with several small black color peacocks on it. A black color birdcage shaped cake with a peacock sitting on top of it. A simple white vanilla cake with a green color peacock painted on the top with edible paint. A large cake with some peacocks put on it with brown ribbons made of edible materials put on some places of the cake.

This is a bird wedding theme in which so many ideas are present today that it is so hard to mention them. Every single person in the world planning to have a peacock wedding will have to go to his computer and surf the net for hours or sometimes even days to find the right style for him. The most confusing part of a wedding based on this theme is the cake and the decorations. There are millions of ideas for peacock cakes on the net and also in cake shops. So, choose wisely after thinking a lot because this celebration along with peacock themed wedding cakes is going to be remembered by you and everyone in the wedding.

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