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Patriotic Wedding Reception Theme for the Big Day

One of the most memorable themes for wedding or any other occasions as well is the patriotic wedding reception theme. It is a great way to create a festive environment. Incorporating a wedding reception theme has twin benefits. First, it will spread fun and frolic at the occasion and second, this way you will also be able to pay an honour to your country.

Patriotic Cake The first step to incorporate a patriotic wedding reception is to start with a cake. Think outside of the common flavours of vanilla and strawberry, think something extraordinary than the usual designs of cake and also think of colours other than most commonly used white and cream-white. You can get the cake designed in the shape and colour which depicts the patriotic wedding reception theme such as the country’s flag. The design should be made in a honour to the country so make sure that it looks good and does not hurt anyone’s sentiments and respect towards the nation. You can also consider serving cup cakes decorated with the designs of countries flag on it.

Patriotic Decoration The second step to incorporate a patriotic wedding reception is to start with the decoration. The colour of curtains, carpets and table cloths should match with the colour of flag. However; make sure that you copy the colour and not the design of flag to be used on carpet. Country’s flag should be given high honour so refrain from using it in any such way which is not appropriate. You can choose a base fabric which has the colours of flag for decoration. From Bridal bouquet to the packaging of favours, everything can be made in a mix of colour that the flag has. Cover the table, chairs and all other seating arrangement with patriotic fabric. Patriotic fabric material can also be used as a bow to tie the chairs. Patriotic Music What else can create the patriotic environment more easily other than playing the patriotic music on the piano, guitar or music CD’s. Fireworks Let the occasion end on the finest patriotic note with the help of fireworks. Incorporate the colours of flag in the fireworks. Your guests will sure admire it the most. Patriotic wedding reception themes is a lot different from the otherwise usual themes inspired by seasons, colours, and country, movies, and nature, old school, college and university days. This theme brings all closer to their motherland.  

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