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Outstanding Wedding Shower theme

For that couple that has similar interests, spends most of their time together, picking one wedding shower theme would prove a hard nut to crack. No more bride’s party, bachelor’s party or tea parties, thus the wedding shower would prove to be a revolution of these days depicting the real meaning of the expected marriage. That is other than separating yourselves you blend the two into one even before the wedding takes place. This particular shower should practically tie their love story together into one unforgettable story. It’s also meant to revive their past love experiences and encounters. Hence choose a theme that will bring all those factors together to ensure a successful party.

A most favorite theme would be the honeymoon shower. This is an exciting way to make your guests participate in contributing towards your honeymoon. They can help you choose perfect and unique spot while others might as well finance the expense of the whole honeymoon period. The food should be based on that unique spot to be visited. For example if the honeymoon is to be hosted in Argentina, make sure the shower serves only Argentinean foods and drinks. The music should also match the cadence of the destination to be visited. With an exciting theme as this one you can foresee the guests buying you excursions and also contributing towards the trip.

An outdoor extravaganza theme based shower could prove to be a perfect choice for the outgoing and adventurous couple. You can opt to go for a hiking party or a camping shower where you carry your tents and have some fun with your friends as a couple. You can as well as hire a guitar band to sing along three fire side.

Having a jack and Jill shower party would see very many people attending the event. Be very creative and incorporate some of the craziest and fantastic dreams you ever had on throwing a party. Here, let the essence of your couple personality shine.

You can also opt for rock climbing, sky diving and other outdoor activities as the main themes to base your shower on. Ask the guests to bring along with them the most appropriate gear for the activities to be held.  However be considerate enough in deciding the venue depending on the distance covered between the venue and whether guests are commuting from. With several facilities across the country people can now undertake their favorite activities into their shower planning which will prove to be more exciting and livelier.

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